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This sunny Saturday morning I was up early, doing laundry, cleaning house, surfing around a bit. A couple weekends ago I moved my little computer set-up into the dining room and now that I’m looking to get a new computer I’m wanting to spruce things up a bit so I started looking around online at different office/studio arrangements. I’m hoping that a part of this rearranging can be to create an area for me to leave my sewing machine set up. I’ve got the perfect spot in mind — under the big window in the dining room. That room gets the best light in the house.

In my surfing around I found a few blogs that are so inspiring! I just love the graphics of these blogs and they’re making me want to do some more creative things in this space. Maybe one of my Saturday purchases will be a book to brush up my Adobe Suite skills.

Here’s a sampling of my newest blogs to love.

The Nesting Place

the pleated poppy blog

a beach cottageMaggie Whitley Gussy Sews

I could go on and on. One blog links to another and I’m lost for hours.

The blogs above were designed by Darcy at Graphically Designing and they’re just gorgeous. I’d love to see what she’d suggest for my little space!

I love these blogs for their content just as much as for their design. These women are so wonderfully creative and I’m feeling inspired to pull out my sewing machine and get to work.

So, off the computer and on to the creating!

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