Project 365

One of the things I really want to work on this year is taking better photos. Toward that end I’ve decided to take up Project 365. Everyday this year I’ll take at least one photo. I’m still figuring out how I’ll post these photos — I’m leaning towards a collage that I’ll post each Sunday, but we’ll see how that evolves.

There are lots of bloggers who took up this project last year and it’s interesting to read about their experiences. Some even have a blog dedicated to the project. Here’s some inspiration.

Cel’s Project 365

Eszter’s Blog — This one has a video put together with all of the photographs.

Project 365 — A forum group where you can post your photos and see others’.

Project 365 Group on Flickr — Over 22,000 members! Lots of inspiration and encouragement!

After looking at these blogs I love how this project can be not only and exercise in improving photography skills but also a lovely way to document the year.

Comment if you want to join in and I’ll add you to my blogroll!

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