Yes, I started a new project.

No, I didn’t finish any old ones.

I know, I have startitis in the worst way.

But this is just a little one. And it doesn’t involve the purchase of any new yarn. It’s just using up all of my sock yarn scraps. It’s hexipuffs.

Hexipuffs are these adorable little hexagons that you knit in the round. It takes about 20 minutes to knit one and they’re so small and easy I can just stuff them into a little bag and keep them with me all the time. They’re perfect waiting around knitting. I plan on knitting them at my weekly faculty meetings, too, because they are so quick and easy and mindless.

The pattern is by Tiny Owl Knits and the pattern involves stuffing each puff with a little bit of wool. I’ve decided to not stuff mine — I like how they look flat instead. At the Tiny Owl site you can see a finished blanket full of all of those little puffs. Adorable!

The pattern is on Ravelry and can be found here. So many Ravelers are working on these little things the Tiny Owl Knits group is full of forums for swapping yarn scraps and mini-skeins (okay, so maybe I will buy a tiny bit of yarn). There are also patterns for creating fair isle or duplicate stitch patterns on your puffs. I don’t think I’ll do any of that stuff. For now my plan is to put it together like a grandmother’s flower garden quilt. I’ll have a variegated yarn in the center surrounded by six puffs of one color. Then around that I’ll make a “path” of white.

That’s the plan for now, at least.

Here’s my first completed flower.

Photo courtesy of Instagram and my lazy butt that could not be bothered to go get my good camera for a proper photo.

I love how this turned out, but there is one thing I still need to figure out and I haven’t seen anyone else post about it in the forum. The pattern calls for the puffs to be connected in the corners only, but I’m thinking that I like them better seamed up all the way around. I just don’t want any little holes to peek through (what’s the point of a blanket with a bunch of holes?). But maybe the corner seaming is enough and those little holes just wouldn’t open up anyway.

But then again maybe they would because this is going to be a pretty heavy blanket.

Well, I have time to think about that. In the meantime I’ll be puffing away.

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