Getting Healthy

Well, you can count me in among the throngs of people who are swearing to themselves that they’re going to get fit in the new year. . . starting after this weekend.

We’re filling the week with last suppers so we’ll be really ready to give it all up next week.

Like most people I’ve gone through many different variations of getting fit and watching what I eat. There’s no getting around the truth of the matter, though, and that is that diet and exercise are key.

Now there are words I bet you’ve never heard before.

Maybe if I say it like this it’ll seem like new information.

dIeT anD ExeRcISe aRe keY.

Did that do it for you? I thought not.

I’ve discovered that there’s no substitute for watching what you eat and for me that means journaling. To be successful I simply must write down everything that crosses my lips.

To make this easier I LOVE the Livestrong site. They’ve got a great food-tracking application and there’s even a great app for the iPhone.

I’ll definitely be using it. . . but not until Monday.


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