Fall Garden

Well, the short growing season here in Northern Idaho is definitely coming to a close. We’ve had a good long stretch of warm weather, but the past couple of nights have been pretty cold. We haven’t quite had our first frost yet, but it isn’t far off. I’m finding myself rooting for my little plants to hurry up and ripen those fruits before their chance is gone!

This squash plant has completely taken over my yard, and though the many yellow flowers gave me high hopes, only two of those flowers have started to turn into squashes. This one is the furthest along but I’m skeptical that it will ripen before frost. I’m really paying for my late start and shady yard.

We’ve had the best luck with our pea plants. They’ve given us a nice little bounty to snack on while we’re outside. Yummy! We’ll definitely eat these last few before it gets too cold.

I was quite skeptical about getting anything off of this cherry tomato plant. I bought it off the discount table after we got back from our vacation in July. Who knew it would provide us with so many ripe and lovely little tomatoes? Hopefully both of those little batches will get a chance to soak up the sun for a few more days.

As I look ahead to the season, I figure I’ve got a couple weeks before I start closing up and putting the yard to bed. Next weekend will take us on a little trip, and then the weekend after that I’ll start putting away the hoses, taking down the hammock and mulching the garden.

I’m sad to see my little babies not live out their full potential, but how I love the change of season!

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