Chartreuse Glass Slippers

I started a new pair of socks recently.

I love participating in the monthly sock challenges on Sock Knitters Anonymous. This month the challenge was for all of us to knit socks in the same color — chartreuse. It’s a tricky color and there have been endless conversations about whether a particular yarn is truly chartreuse. I think my Malabrigo Lettuce makes the grade so I’ve been knitting away.

What’s great, though, is that a second part of the challenge is to knit socks from a particular designer. So, for this month, if you knit socks that are chartreuse or designed by Caoua Coffee, Cailyn Meyer or Janneke Maat, you qualify for the challenge.

I’m knitting this pattern called Glass Slippers by Cailyn Meyer and I’m really enjoying it.

I love the cable detail and the moss stitch along the foot. I just love moss stitch.

I think the flip-flop style detail is super-cute.

Here’s my own partly done cuff.

The cabling and the moss stitch are slow going, but I’m loving the result and I’m getting a little bit faster as I learn the pattern.

Unfortunately I’m not getting a ton of knitting done this weekend, even though my kids are at their dad’s house. I have been getting a lot of school work done, which feels really good. Things are really winding down at home and I can feel the call to spend more time inside reading books and sipping tea. Yesterday I had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season.

I love this season

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